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Q: You come to me? How does that work?

A: We are mobile so we come to your house or hotel room. We only need a space to put up our pop up tent and an outlet to plug in our compressor. It takes about 15 minutes to apply the tan.

Q: Will the spray ruin my carpet, furniture, etc?

A: No. Our equipment has very little overspray. The tent will catch anything that does not go on your body.

Q: Am I going to turn orange?

A: No, our tanning specialists are trained to understand the percentages of DHA (dihydroxyacetone - the active ingredient that works with your skin to produce the tan) in each of our solutions. Based on your skin tone and desired color, we determine how much DHA should go your skin. Too much DHA can cause an orange hue.

Q: How do I prepare for my tan?

A: Take a shower, as you should not shower for 8 hours. Make sure you exfoliate your skin well for even application. Women should shave prior to tanning appointment. Do not apply any lotion, fragrances or deodorant as it may cause an uneven tan. You can wear whatever you are comfortable in for the tan, keep in mind tan lines caused by garments.

Q: What do I put on after application?

A: Put on dark cotton clothing. Try not to wear socks or tennis shoes as sometimes this will affect the tan around your toes. Once you shower, you can wear whatever you want!

Q: Will DHA affect my hair?

A: No. You should pull long hair up out of your face and off of your back.

Q: If the tan gets on my clothes will it come out?

A: If you wash your clothes within a day or so of getting the solution on it, any marks should come out.

Q: Can I go swimming?

A: Yes and no. You can go swimming, however the chlorine may fade your tan more quickly. It is up to you to take the chance.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: We do not accept credit cards. We accept cash or check.

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